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Book Reviews:

Medical school can be daunting, we found that during our time there knowing about a good medical textbook or online medical revision resource was always really helpful.Medical textbooks are also quite pricey, so it is important that you buy a revision book or study aid that you feel that you will enjoy.You don't have to buy a book you hate just because everyone else likes it.

Watch this space as we inform you about the books we enjoyed as students.

Specialty: Cardiology


The ECG made easy by John Hampton and Joanna Hampton – now in it’s 9th edition. 


From when this book was first published back in 1973, it was deemed the book for learning about how to understand ECG’s, with each edition apparently updated to improve on the last following reader feedback.  This is the first edition with Joanna Hampton listed as co-author and has a beginning chapter ‘The ECG made very easy indeed’ which tries to break the subject down into as easy an introduction as possible.  For me it is one of those things, that once you know it, this all makes sense, but it is still all a bit daunting. 

Overall, I like the book, I like that it gets me to the place where I can understand what I am looking at on an ECG, and make a suitable sounding presentation to a clever medic when they turn up.  (I am a stupid surgeon type). 

What I find difficult.  The book suggests a format for reading an ECG, them seems determined to deviate from it, which made it really difficult to make notes from on the first read.  Also, not exactly easy to read with a cup of tea.  I have no suggestion regarding how to address that, but appreciate that the authors have tried very hard, and have no better book for doing this. 

What I love.  The ‘things to remember’ at the end of each section, if in doubt or in a rush  you can go to those and see what is in the preceding chapter, to see if you need to go back and read it, especially useful if brushing up rather than learning anew. 

Pro's: Tells you everything that you could ever want to know about ECGs

Con's: Sometimes not so easy to read

Size: smaller than an A5 paper pad

It can fit into ward and everyday bag.

No accompanying materials, but other books on the series for practice

Print size and colour: Basic ECG colours of red grid and black line, clear print and not too small for the average reader. 

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