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MR Revision Head and Neck Anatomy 2017

Going over the essentials of head and neck anatomy.

You said: 'We were expecting more on muscles of mastication'

We said: 'Our bad, we based it more around ENT than common anatomy for medic and dentistry, here have this follow up material in the form of a workbook to help you revise that.'

You said: 'We like the workbook but want the answers to have at home'

We said: 'We will come up with something for the next course, as there was stuff that you wanted added let us give you an answer attachment for that too.'

You said: 'Can we have colour for the workbook?'

We said: 'We'll see what we can do'

You said: 'Can we buy the workbook and not attend the course?'

We said: 'The workbook only really makes sense with the course, but we see where you are coming from and will adapt and update the system to make it easier for people who cannot attend.'

You said: 'The waiting for people to answer questions was too long, can it be shorter?'

We said: 'We will change the timing for answering to try to keep it interactive, and help you learn with us.'

MR Revision anatomy of reproductive system, upper limb and back 2016

An overview of the anatomy of the reproductive system, the upper limb and the back.

You said: 'Great course, love the workbook'

We said: 'Thanks! We are quite proud of them.'

You said: 'We need more time to answer questions'

We said: 'Thanks, we will adapt future courses for longer time for answering questions.'

You said: 'Can you do a course covering head and neck?'

We said: 'On it, see you soon'

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