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A first-hand account of the importance of Career talks for the future generation of professionals.

Why should you give a Career talk?

I got an email today citing some research stating that giving Careers talks to students gave more than just a feel good factor, but actually had a longer term effect on students work ethics in the run up to GCSE exams.( please find the link to the article

As I continue writing this article, my heart is excited. The reason being, because I know the value I placed on career talks as a student attending a comprehensive school. These talks were more than just a feel good motivational speech. Rather these talks cut through barriers. They gave us an opportunity to access people whom we often placed on pedestals in our minds. The most important thing was that the careers talks showed that these doctors or other health care professionals were human and didn’t have two heads.

The best talks were the ones given by those who had previously attended our school and had gone on to have successful careers. Being a student with high aspirations but very little means to achieve them , can be really hard. In fact, at times it can be depressing, yet these talks would often be uplifting. I often felt honoured that these successful person would take time out of their lives to come and speak to little me, them being there was evidence their cared about those of us following in their footsteps.

No word of a lie, after these talks I often felt on top of the world, it renewed my energy to work harder and to strive hard. I would recall the things that these people had said and I would keep it in the back of my mind on days when I didn’t feel like working. I would even write myself notes, something which I now know to be referred to as positive words of affirmations.

I imagine the question you are asking yourself is, can a career talk be life changing?. Can it really be a game changer. My answer is a resounding yes. The reason why I say this, is that many of us have dreams. If you look at Olympians and successful people, many of these people have been successful as a result of positive words of encouragement and actual acts of real support. A career talk though brief and short can provide a small dose of very much needed encouragement in a students life.

The heart of a career talk is that, it allows the person who is giving the talk through storytelling to engage pupils on the journey to success and a good talk, will illustrate the ups and downs and adversity the subject experienced. Talking about adversity gives students an extra boost because they show students that there will be obstacles along the way, but they can and will overcome them.

What do you gain as the person giving the talk?

Recently, I gave a talk at the KCL Year 12 Medical Conference and my emotions were mixed. On one hand I was really honoured to be helping to inspire a new generation. On the second hand I empathised with them, as I remember what it felt like sitting on the other side of this lecture. Feeling nervous and sometimes overwhelmed about what the future held.

Overall, it was wonderful to be able to show students that their dreams were achievable and though sentimental, I got that heart warm feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day.

Photo Credit :James Gifford-Mead Photography

Remain inspired and keeping working to achieve your dreams the MR Revision Team.

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