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5 Top Dermatology Resources in Lockdown

This is a jam packed resource, with lots of pictures, quizzes, a glossary on dermatology terms and much more. If you are a keen twitter user they also post pictures regularly on their twitter page with descriptions of the condition.

2)British Association of Dermatologists:

Generic link to medical student section of website

On this website you will find a number of resources geared specifically towards medical students see link above. It is worth taking some time go through the links of this page as there are lots additional resources listed here.

The main one is their dermatology handbook which prior to COVID-19 free, batch orders could be made and it would be sent to your medical school. It is a small book which can fit into your ward bag and also has colour pictures. If you are not too fussed about having a physical copy , there is a 2020 electronic version which can be downloaded for free:

In addition to this this, they also have a Dermatology Medical Student App which is available for Apple and Android. They also provide a list of common conditions , which they feel would be helpful to be aware of as an undergraduate. Finally their patient information leaflets are really easy to read and very useful

3) Books

100 Cases in Dermatology - this is a full colour textbook which has a case based format, with questions and an overall summary on the following page. Therefore, it is really helpful to use it to keep things interesting and test your dermatology knowledge.

Dermatology Made Easy – another full colour textbook divided into the types of skin problem. You can see the layout of the book on Amazon before buying. This was reviewed in the February 2019 edition of InnovAit by Dr S Ahmed.

Lecture Notes in Dermatology – is a brilliant book which is also in full colour. It is more like a textbook, it is not super thick and can still easily fit in your bag. The chapters are divided by skin condition and it is a really useful read. This book gives a good basic foundation to undergraduate dermatology knowledge.

4) Primary Care Dermatology

This website is aimed primarily at GPs , however there is lots of information on here. In addition to this it is easy to read and simply written.

5) E- learning for health: Dermatology module

This is an online eLearning resource which has covers an extensive dermatology curriculum, it even covers paediatric rashes. We would suggest dipping in and out of whichever problem areas you might need to deal with during your revision.

Please find a link to an accompanying video on our youtube channel: 5 Top Resources for Dermatology in Lockdown

Best Wishes and all the best learning Dermatology.

From MR Revision

Remember we are here to help , so please feel free to email us at

We also have a medical student support group, email us to discuss joining.

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