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ntercalated Bsc: still needs a lot of work.

What does it mean?

Do  you have to do the Bsc could you do an Msc instead?

You do an Msc instead but is likely to be harder the other thing to remember is many places will only take you between year 4 and 5.


What Bsc should you choose?

You could pick a Bsc based on a topic matter that you like. I picked my Bsc in Endocrinology because I genuinely found the topc mater fascinating. In fact I still do.

You could pick it based it on your future career ie Antomy Bsc if you want to be a surgeon.

If you are interested in public health you could do a Bsc on global health.

If you fancy a career in Obstetrics and Gynaecoloy you could pick Womens Health.

The list goes on , of the various examples of things that you could do  that are linked to your interests.

What do you gain from a Bsc?

Skills – dissertation, lab work, conference , research exposure.

Confidence – giving oral presentations, submitting work to conferences

Maturity – squashing a 3 year degree into a year sounds like fun but it is slyly hard wrk

A I good enough to do a Bsc?

If you are someone who is not naturally outgoing or confident you might feel like you are not a candidtate to do a Bsc. This is ………………….]The truth is most applications are  internal applications ome do have interviews and some are based on your grades, so you do not have anything to loose.

Bursares  Funding

Personal experience of Bsc:

At times lonely- separated from friends

Test of character

Time to exolire I did  quite a few different extra curricular things as a student

Challenging – but I made it through. Lab work was not my strongpoint. However I can still say pheochromcytoma and paranganglia in the roll of a tongue

Feeling proud of being able to accomplish and celebrate something after being at medical school for so long.

Follow with the you tube video.

March Hot topics:

Cervical Screening: Firstly, the cervix is a part of the female reproductive system. This area of the female reproductive system can undergo changes which can lead to cervical cancer. By screening women aged …. the cells which undergo changes in the cervix can be treated before they become cancerous, This means that cervical cancer is preventable provided women go for screening. Over the last few years it has been noted that the number of women attending screening has fallen. During the month of March this has been something which has featured on the News. On twitter and in addition to this there is new advert that has been done about it promote women to go for the screening.



Cease therapy for children with Autism: very controversial news portance of cervical screening


Antivaxers: Children in school and America have been prevented from attending school I need to do a dig and have a look. – we will focus on this one  for the NHS hot topics this month.




Make little word document templates for dcotors and students for like easdy note taking and stuff

This can help us make use of the document application.

  • Template for  general history taking - after a whiile you wont need this any more

  • Template for keeeping trakc of on call jobs - after a while you wont need this anymore

  • Template for keeping track fo ward jobs

  • Template of keepign track of cases for eportoflio reflections , if you are one for forgetting.

  • Revision timetable template for planning revision

  • These need to be branded with the MR revision logo and most likely put int he additional resources section.

  • Consider doign quizzes on bacteria of the weelk.

Resources for potential medical school applicant

Medical School council

Medics portal

Youtube videos which are worth watching:






Consider a page for prospective medical students.

Have a quiz for medical students - know your customer, ask them what they would expect to see in a good medical revision resource/ want to see in a good revision website.



bACTERIA OF THE WEEK in jan missing

3)Staphylococcus Epidermis:

Location they are commonly found:

General information:

Associate with hospital acquired infections.




skin infections and sometimes pneumonia, endocarditis, and osteomyelitis. It commonly leads to abscess formation. Some strains elaborate toxins that cause gastroenteritis, scalded skin syndrome, and toxic shock syndrome

Staphylococcus epidermidis. Infections are associated with intravascular devices (prosthetic heart valves, shunts, etc.) but also commonly occur in prosthetic joints, catheters, and large wounds. Catheter infections along with catheter-induced UTIs lead to serious inflammation and pus secretion


Immunocompromised patients.

Intravenous Drug users.

Patients with catheters and implants of various kinds.

Mode of transmission:



Have you ever been asked to see a patient or referred a patient but the details are so hazy you are not really clear what the other party is requiring if you.This can be really hard especially when you are on a busy on call and you need to be able to prioritise who to see first.


When we were at medical school as an F1 SBAR was a big thing.To the point that one of the trusts I worked in had the stickers so nurses and various colleagues could improve handover skills.


We even discovered today that there us a 32 page document on SBAR if you have a few spare moments to read.


So what is SBAR?


We even found that SBAR within this document was a suggested way of writing a GP  referral for all you budding GP’s.


The situation is the headliner it catches the immediate concern of the receiver of the information.Lay down your concerns about the patient



Resources for Junior doctors:

Dr Levi is an ENT Surgeon in Australia and whilst I imagine that different ENT surgeones with have some variation in what their practices are. His patient leaflets on Post Op care for patients, give you a basic run down



Junior doctor toolkit/ mEDICAL medcalac


Another app to add is medic calc which is the medical calculator

Revision websites for Medical students.

Grouped as much as possible by speciality.

Websites which need to be reviewed:

Teach Me Anatomy


Nice CKS is also worth talking about

Geeky Medics – we have to talk about it.

Teach me paediatrics new thing to go into the tooklit for medical students


We stumbled across the teach me paediatrics series recently and when were trying to have a look at getting back to the teach me paediatrics we came across a whole teach me series which features various specialities and we thought we would let you know how useful and how awesome we think this resource is.


Resource for medical students

Medcalc can also be useful as a student as sometimes especially if you are behind reading on a rotation. Your consultant will mention scoring systems you have never heard of. At least this way you have a quick look online and see what this scoring system consists of.


Reflections sections:

Interesting things we have come across.

Whats topical in ther nhs now

An article on the Topol review

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