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AKT revision hints and tips:


I did my AKT. In October 2018 and I have to be honest it is not a task that you approach in a faint hearted manner it may feel daunting but it is absolutely doable.

Give yourself enough time




When I did my Akt I was on busy job in paediatrics and for reasons I can’t explain there were always clashes with weekends while I was working or the courses were fully booked


As I result of this I didn’t get the chance to enjoy going on a course.I asked quite a few other GP trainees I knew about what they had used and the recurring ones were passmedicine and the FREE did you hear that the FREE gpself test .As you have probably realised getting something for free as a GP trainee is always a bonus.


Revision technique

I kept asking other trainees if there was some kind of special method they used as let’s be honest you don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on an exam and fail it.I couldn’t really get too much out of people but I can tell you what I did.


I started off doing Passmedicibe casually when I was on trains and and on long car journeys 

I son realised this would not cut it.

Then I looked at the number of questions we had a gave myself an about when I wanted to finish the question bank when you are doing busy hospital rotations it definetly feels like it takes forever


It took me about 2 months finish due to various life comittments


In regards to ways to go about finishing the question bank .I realised that doing recon question in the question bank did not really work as I could not recall pinpoint my weak areas.


So I printed the rcgp curriculum and went through the question bank methodically and taking note of which areas I was weak one as I went through the bank the first time I would read the explanations at the bottom of the question.


Once I finished the bank the first tine I realised there were lots of gaps in my knowledge still so this time around I went to the textbook section of passmedicine and made quick notes areas I was not confident on i refered to links to guidelines when supplied to ensure I had a good grasp of things.After I finished each speciality I would go back and do questions to test the knowledge i had read


Whilst I was on the go I continued to do questions on train journeys in the car etc.



This is a resource you have free access to if you pay your subscription fees as an AIT it does not have as many questions as passmedicine and you are not able to differentiate questions you have done before from those you haven’t .However I have to say they covered the niche topics that I felt passmedicine didn’t have a specific section dedicated to and in addition to their questions are asked in a different sort of way which helps hear your mind up for the exam.


Approaching the exam

As I got nearer the exam I realised I really enjoyed the positive reinforcement og

Other free resournces:

When you

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