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MR Revision was formed a little bit by accident.  When Matilda and Ruth were at medical school together, they shared revision notes in a dropbox file called MR Revision, and realised that not only was it an awesome name, but also that our style of revision notes made sense to us in a way that most of the books didn't.  The site is imperfect but developing all the time with more and more bits added to make us a one stop shop for the student trying to get on in medical school. 

We attended all of the courses that we could to try to really understand the world of medicine.  Matilda Esan (MBBS , Bsc, AKC) is a smart and capable GP trainee, Ruth Edmonds (MBBS, Bsc) is currently a skillful SHO in Surgery. Our method of revision alongside our easy notes made passing MBBS less stressful.

So here we are, explaining medicine in a language we understand and trying to help students to understand it too.  We know that time is scarce so having someone guide you through a wide range of topics in a quick run through enables you to identify key learning areas for exams.  We have put in some handy exam tips in there too to help.

Feel free to browse our Medical Student Toolkit, Junior Doctor Toolkit.

Medical school is busy and there are moments where things feel taxing, so why not sit down with a cup of tea and have a read of our Blog.

We acknowledge that  students have various learning styles, so tune into our podcasts and you tube channel( slowly growing) for quick revision bites when you are on the go.

If you are struggling with a subject, or are keen to attend a course, let us know and we will try to arrange one to suit.

In addition to this, feel free to leave us some feedback.


MR Revision Ltd

33 Perronet House

Princess Street



Limited company number: 10499797

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